Notre dame game

DOCTRID Director of Research leads the Spartans against the Fighting Irish

In recognition of the strong relationship between DOCTRID and Michigan State University (MSU),Prof. Brian Harvey, Director of Research, DOCTRID was invited to lead out the MSU “Spartans” in their recent college football clash with rivals Notre Dame “Fighting Irish”. MSU have been a key academic and research partner with the DOCTRID Research Institute since its foundation by contributing to the DOCTRID conference series, hosting ASSISTID fellows and supporting the direction of DOCTRID as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board. The third group of Hegarty research fellows have recently been appointed and will rotate between MSU and host Irish universities in the DOCTRID network and the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Service, as part of their fellowships.  While in Michigan, Brian also addressed the MSU RAIND Initiative. RAIND (Research in Autism, Intellectual and other Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) provides an internal seed grant program to stimulate multidisciplinary projects across MSU colleges. The program also funds a seminar series that provides ongoing professional development opportunities for more than 70 faculty and numerous post-doctoral researchers associated with RAIND.

While it wasn’t to be the Spartan’s day, our own Irishman did us proud.

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