Janet Hauck

Treadmills and tummy time: Research helps boost baby motor skills

In the Department of Kinesiology, babies are learning how to walk. This is thanks to ongoing research from Assistant Professor Janet Hauck‘s Physical Activity in Youth with Disabilities (PLAY’d) Lab.

Hauck is studying infants with and without disabilities and their motor skills, such as learning to walk, to examine how these skills affect infants’ growth and development. And she’s using a unique tool to help with her research.

“We know how to speed up motor development, and one of those methods is with a baby treadmill, believe it or not,” Hauck said in a recent video.

For videos and more on Hauck's research, visit https://edwp.educ.msu.edu/news/2018/treadmills-and-tummy-time-research-helps-boost-baby-motor-skills/

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